SOLTA is a program devised to pursue research and engagement in the field of cosmic rays. This initiative is focused on collecting data on subatomic particles known as muons.
To do this, the SOLTA team at Craig Kielburger Secondary have developed an app that uses your phone's camera to capture the presence of muons that have originated from cosmic rays. (more info on app page). Moreover, the SOLTA team has created an interactive presentation that is made for elementary school accompanied by various fun DIY experiments that shed light the phenomenon.
New methods to collect data are under consideration, such as a stand alone cosmic ray detector developed by Cosmic Watch. Which would allow for a dedicated detection unit that can be be manually configured. The detectors would cost under $100! Making them convenient for school classrooms.
The teams aims to pursue collecting data through app and proposed muon detector to make conclusions and aid the scientific community as well as involve more people in research.


These are a few cosmic rays we detected with our app.

About Us

Our Mission

With this initiative we hope to inspire the youth community to take interest in STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering Math) by involving them in an experiment that explores one of physics' greatest mysteries, cosmic rays!

Our Team

We are a group of seven enthusiastic high school students who have a varying skill set by similar interest. We are located at Craig Kielburger Secondary School in MIlton, On, CA. We started the project February of 2018.

Our App

Our app also uses Google's cloud delivery system Firebase, in order to calculate flux in certain areas, to outline potential "hotspots" where cosmic ray activity is higher. This database system also allows us to show cosmic rays from users all around the world, as well as keep track of individual user data

With our app we bring the mystery of cosmic rays directly to your smartphone. The app is able to detect cosmic rays using no special equipment to bring cosmic rays to you. We also hope to use the data we recive from the app to help uncover more of the mysteries of cosmic rays


Alongside smartphones, our team is also working on assembling our own dedicated cosmic ray detectors, using the MIT creation the Cosmic Watch.These detectors are specialized detectors, designed to detect muons, created as a result of the decay created when cosmic rays collide with earth's atmosphere.


Contact the founder of the solta project at: menary@yorku.ca

Find more information at soltaproject.wordpress.com

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